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Re: The Wooksta: Not a Spitfire Blog
« Reply #195 on: September 21, 2020, 01:34:57 pm »
"No, mine's a yellow Ford Anglia with flames up the sides."

The Skybolt Vulcans are getting closer to getting a coat of paint, as all the filling is done and sanded back (pause for sarcastic laughing) and I just need to fit the pylons and fill them, plus the bomb bay doors as leaving them off makes it easier to handle.  I've yet to remove the kit exhausts to replace them with those spiffing brass ones, so out with the saw tomorrow.

The partially assembled Vulcan that was dragged out of me Mam's loft last week.  The intakes are now in place and filling there has commenced, which will get sanded back tomorrow. That is definitely going to be the tanker, but I need to do some checking as the serial I have for a K2 may not have Olympus 300s.  Easy enough to replace them if they're not - I have three different sets of 202 exhausts, plus a set of 201s.

So, what about the Red Flag desert Sand and Stone wraparound XM607?  Well, that's easy. Easy peasy.  I've got another Vulcan.

Well, one of the ones I got from ebay last week was part started, actually, largely assembled, with only one wing to go on and the tailcone.  TBH, I think they'd actually come off or the whole thing had been assembled and then dropped, as one of the intakes was rattling about inside when I opened the box.  I managed to pry open the airframe enough to get it out and then wiggle it back into place.

So, thinking that, well, as it was that far along I may as well go the whole hog and get it to primer stage.  Except that it's not quite that easy.  As usual, buying an airframe built by someone else with different standards and build ability is never a good idea.  It's a lottery and what one modeller may find acceptable, another may just take one look and chuck it in the bin.  Well, it wasn't that bad, but none of the gaps or seams had been tackled yet it was pre shaded. The intakes are particularly badly done but at least I can hide them with FOD guards.  So, out with the filler.  Some bits were put back on and others taken off - the little vents and exhausts had to come off as they were both badly fitted and not cleaned up enough for my tastes.  The first lot of filler has been sanded back and the next skim is curing overnight.

And after this and the tanker are together, I'm not doing another Vulcan for a while.  7 together is enough for anyone.

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