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Group Build 2021/2022 Poll - Round Two

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Group Build 2021/2022 Poll - Round Two

Right gentlemen here's the second round of voting to decide the three Group Build subjects for the 2021/2022 season

I've selected all those subjects which got into double figures in Round One and I've combined two subjects, WWII Gunships and Gunships  on the basis that if Gunships won then you could still do WWII Gunships if you so whished. I could equally offer an argument to keep them separate have decided to merge them after some consideration.

You have 5 votes, you don't have to use them all, and the Poll will close on 23rd April


I've voted, but not easy to choose!  Thank you for organising this, Chris.

Glenn Gilbertson:
Thanks for your work, Chris - difficult choices!

Tried to vote... Thanks a lot for setting this all up.  :thumbsup:

Voted, and yes, some difficult choices to make.

Thanks for running with this, Chris.  Third round if the vote is too close to call?


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