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Fixing Transparencies ?

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That's the stuff.  Stick like all buggery after a while and is dead clear.  No good for filling gaps though.   :angry:

I generally use simple white casein glue, because it is water-based and, once dry, becomes almost transparent. Slightly thinned the stuff can also be used to fill small gaps.

Never heard of the watchmaker glue, but it sounds interesting.  :thumbsup:

Krystal Klear.  Sticks as well as it needs to but can generally be make to let go when I realise I knocked the canopy and misaligned it before the stuff had set.
KK seems to grip better than ordinary builders PVA.  I've also tried wood glue.  Had no discernible difference to ordinary PVA.
If I need more strength but still require clarity I use 5 minute epoxy.
If I am going windows into a fuselage and there is a risk I may push them inside once the halves are closed I (very carefully) use Tamiya Extra Thin.


--- Quote from: PR19_Kit on December 11, 2020, 06:24:31 am ---I've used 'Gator's Grip Acrylic Hobby Glue' for ages. Sticks canopies AND fills in windows too, just like Kristal Klear.

I'm still on my first bottle too..................

--- End quote ---
Whereabouts did you buy this stuff from please Kit??

From my local art shop in Chepstow. Sadly they closed 4-5 yrs ago, but it seems it's quite common in the art field.


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