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Fixing Transparencies ?

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For years now I've used Humbrol Clearfix to fix my transparencies to the fuselage etc. Anyway it has it's uses (it will fill small gaps etc) but can be a tad messy given its inherent "gloopiness".

So as I'm coming near to the end of my current jar I was wondering what others use to fix their canopies in place ?

I've used 'Gator's Grip Acrylic Hobby Glue' for ages. Sticks canopies AND fills in windows too, just like Kristal Klear.

I'm still on my first bottle too..................

Steel Penguin:
bog standard, generic PVA for myself.

I use "Watchmaker's Glue".  Get it from Evilbay, usually from the US.  I have been using one tube for about 18 months and have a spare.  Fairly cheap.  It is a clear glue.  Sticks like all buggery but won't fill gaps.

This is what Brian is referencing. It's also one of my preferred clear bits adhesives.


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