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I poo-pooed the idea for a while... until some of the paint I was using stopped working properly. I've been using the Badger Stynylrez Primers (acrylics) for a while and they're amazing. I noticed half way through a bottle of black that the paint just wasn't sticking as well as it used to and the pigment wasn't as thick. It turned out that most of the pigment (and probably some of the carrier) had settled and gooed up at the bottom of the bottle.

I bought a cheap nail polish shaker machine and some stainless steel balls from Amazon and added a ball to each bottle. I give them a minute or two worth of shaking in the machine. This is really helpful with some Vallejo and Scale 75 acrylic paints. I haven't had an issue with the paints since.

Just another gadget to find precious bench space for.
As handy as it looks, would most probably end up in the "Tools that are great but use very seldom drawer" like the Harbour Freight mini Drop saw, the suction vice, the set of 6-15mm punches, the nibbling tool... it goes on :-X

DIY Electric toothbrush based shaker.

DIY Electric Jigsaw based shaker.


--- Quote from: zenrat on November 09, 2020, 02:11:34 am ---DIY Electric toothbrush based shaker.

--- End quote ---

A friend of mine scratched a handheld mixer for enamel and acrylic paint tins/pots from an electric toothbrush and a "mixer head" attached to the rotating/vibrating head instead of the bristle. Pretty successful (V2.0 is currently in use), even though it is not suited for enamels where the pigments have thoroughly separated from the thinner and form a kind of concrete at the tin's botton.

While power assistance is nice I do find poking a stirrer into the tin or pot and moving it in a circulating motion is often quite successful.


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