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Scissors for vacform canopies

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I have a pair of small, straight bladed veterinary scissors a friend's veterinary nurse daughter got for me. Secret is to keep them sharp. You can always get them sharpened at places that sharpen knives etc if you can't yourself. I was useless at sharpening tools at school and still am.

I think investing in a couple of different types could be helpful, especially with the canopy on this T.188 as its an awkward shape to cut properly

The whole T.188 is an awkward shape! But very interesting nonetheless.

Sometimes if a vacform canopy is an awkward shape to cut out I'll fill it with Blue Tack which means that you have something "sturdier" to cut and can see the frame line more clearly. Make sure you've dipped the canopy in Klear or whatever you use a couple of times before using the Blue Tack though to avoid any becoming a nuisance to remove. It can be a persistent little so and so  when it comes to clinging on sometimes.

Thankyou for the tip Chris, I have  some  blue tac somewhere in the house  :thumbsup:


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