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Scissors for vacform canopies

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I  am after a  pair of  decent but not too expensive  scissors to cut vacform canopies with.  All my  scissors including my fly tying  ines are struggling with the  canopy  on my T.188. Any recommendations  on a decent pair would be  much appreciated.

a good quality brand finger nail pair is what I use.

Cheers Robert, I  think I have some of those  but the blades are  curved.  I will  look for some straight edged ones. :thumbsup:

I have a pair of stainless steel scissors I liberated from a first aid kit I was parting out.  Straight blades, longer handles than the usual small nail scissors.
They are meant for cutting clothing and dressings.
Try in the appropriate section of a chemists


--- Quote from: kitnut617 on October 22, 2020, 03:15:56 pm ---a good quality brand finger nail pair is what I use.

--- End quote ---

Second that. I have a Zwilling finger nail scissor - actually bought for its natural field of use, but the extra bucks spent for them paid out: Still sharp and exact after many years, and my to-go tool for vacu canopies or other sheet material cuts that call for delicate, crisp edges.
Cheap stuff tends to lose its sharpness much quicker, and the link tends to loosen/wear out much quicker.


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