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tested: Revell's UV Glue

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today, ive tested the latest addition to my toolset, namely Revell's new UV Glue set.

its basicly revells boxing of Visbella's 5 quick fix adhesive.
seen here:

its quite easy to use, simply apply the glue on the surface on where it has to stick and then light it with the UV light for about 5 seconds. according to the box, it can withstand strenghts up to 50kg.
it also comes with a UV marker.

ive did a few tests on an old broken model and there are pro's and con's.


-easy to use
-dries very quickly
-ideal for clear parts


-the UV light can be irritating on the eyes, so use sunglasses or UV protected safetyglasses.
-the glue is gel based, and can be quite messy at times.
-not ideal for parts where the light cant reach the glue.


this can be a good tool for quick fixes and for parts that just wont keep in theyre place.
its a nice addition, but its not recommended to be used as your main glue.

I can think of a few places where that would work very well, thanks for the info.  :thumbsup:

(like gluing longer wings onto aircraft that didn't have them in the first place............ ;D ;))

It's a very convenient option when you have to glue small parts, e .g. the struts from a broken landing gear.

Cheers for the review Nils  :thumbsup:

I have got some, not Revell's, but haven't got around to using it yet.

Is the UV marker used for anything, or did they just throw in a cool gadget?


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