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Superglue difficulties


I am having repeated difficulties with gluing two parts together with some superglue. Specifically the rear of an Airwaves instrument panel keeps detaching from a piece of plastic card that it is fitted to and which the front of the instrument panel stays stuck to so it should keep the rear part in place as well, you would think  :rolleyes:

The offending part is sitting on my bench with the lastest application of glue holding it in place, probably through surface tenshin at the moment. The rest of the plastic/etch joints for the cockpit interior are holding, so far so I am fairly certain that the glue works but I am open to suggestions in case it fails again.


CA glue doesn't work if you apply it to the same surface (ie fresh CA glue on top of dried glue) a second time. If a part comes off, you have to clean both faces thoroughly.

Agree with Harro, I learnt that the hard way and also I've found that if too thick a layer of superglue is applied that sometimes doesn't work properly either.


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