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Saving superglue


You all know that feeling of 'I've been ripped off!' when the top of the superglue tube just WON'T come unglued leaving most of the stuff itself inside the tube and totally ungetatable? And the only solution is to buy another tube, and it happens all over again. Of course the manufacturers have zero interest in making the tops unbondable because they're laughing all the way to the bank!

Here's a handy solution that works sometimes.

It's only the two plastic bits that end up in an imovable union mostly, and the lower plastic bit will usually unscrew from the metal top of the tube, but 1) there's no nozzle to dispense the glue and 2) the tube tends to fall over and spill glue all over the bench, model, carpet, your trousers etc etc.

So, get a lump of Blu-Tak and stick it onto the bench, jam the end of the superglue into the Blu-Tak and use a toothpick poked down into the tibe to transfer the glue to the bits you want to glue.


Simple, efficient, sensible, economical.    The marks of a good engineer!

Good idea!
I have found that once I open the tube, if I store it in an upright position as you show, it lasts much longer.

Brilliant idea  Kit,  just be careful  you don't  get a visit from the cyano mafioso ;D


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