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Humbrol enamels going downhill

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is it just me, or is anyone else having problems with the Humbrol Enamel tins?
they used to be my go-to-paints, but recent new tins are almost impossible to work with!
it doesnt matter how much you shake it or add thinner to it, every tin looks like a batch of sticky yellow goo (and thats for grey paint?).

i have a feeling that Humbrol has been losing quality over the past 2 years.
anyone else have the same problem?

I've seen the issue mentioned in other forums, and it seems it's the Chinese manufactured tins that gave the problems, Humbrol have now returned manufacture to the UK and the newer tins are much better.

The way you tell them is by the blue band at the bottom of the tin, the Chinese ones have just a straight blue band all round the tin, whereas the newer UK made ones have a sort of wave design at the bottom.

UK paint

Chinese paint

Captain Canada:
Thanks for the heads up ! But yes, I've had more than a few that can't be shaken or stirred into the colour the purport to be !

I presume Humbrol will be replacing Chinese made tins that are not fit for purpose?
Where do I send them?

Some chance! :(

I've only ever had one tin of paint replaced because of 'quality' in my whole life, and that was an Xtracolor tin of Aer Lingus Darker Green which was a totally different shade to another tin of ostensibly the same colour. They replaced it with 'bad grace', shall we say......

But that was because I threatened to mention the bad mix in a review of an airliner kit I was doing for Scale Models.  ;) ;)


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