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Happy to help!  My only qualm is that it sort of feels like you need a third hand to hold the stuff. With CA, you put the glue bottle down at some point so you can use both hands to hold the parts in place but with this stuff you have to hold the parts together with just ONE hand (this is awkward) or use clamps or something so that one hand is free to use the light thing. This won't apply in every situation but in ones like I demonstrated yesterday it is... again..... awkward... 

The specific job I have in mind won't need a third hand  :thumbsup:

I've also been wondering at what distance the UV light ceases to have an effect on the glue and if the distance it is from the glue has any effect on curing times ? Questions, questions, so many questions  ;D I feel some research is necessary, mind you I've also just remembered an old school mate's daughter is a dental nurse. Don't they use the stuff ? I could ask her.

Run some expirements! I put mine on hold after everything went to hell but I'll get back in the spirit of things soon. The Bondic came in like a week ago. Good question about the light distance....   Perhaps this is where my earlier thoughts on lasers could come into play. If you use some in the depths of a hull or something and can't get the UV thing in there, a laser would put a light dot on it pretty handily but I guess there's one way to find out.....

I will be conducting a couple of experiments  :thumbsup:

Rick Lowe:
Any further progress on said experimentation?

Curious (ok, nosy) Minds Want To Know!


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