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Revell Paints any good ?


Captain Canada:
I bought the 32nd scale Iron Maiden Spitfire, and it came with a small selection of paints. Just wondering what are they ? And if they're any good ? And what are they compatible with ?


Revell Aqua acrylics.  I've got a few, I find it a little thick but easily thinned.  It seems to have a cult following online though, a good handful swear by it.  The colour range is a little limited, hence Revells colour callouts often mention mixes.

Captain Canada:
OK thanks ! I was thinking of paining the Eddies in the kit with them. But I also don't want to wreck my Eddies with crappy paint lol

Stay away from the enamels, they are rather gooey and turn into sludge after a few uses. The acrylics are decent, esp. the matt ones, the glossy ones IMHO lack opacity, esp. around edges, at least when applied with a brush.

I found some particular difficulties with the fluorescent orange, very little coverage after many coats.  However, this effect worked for me in a way, if I overlaid it in a yellow or paler orange, it would look like weathered paint.


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