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while in the UK in May visiting my Whiffing brothers at Hendon, where I was warmly welcomed by the fellows there, Nick kindly showed me about the place, giving me a potted history of some of the exhibits and then shepherding me into the kit swap and sale area......he introduced me to the above-mentioned putty, saying that some Whiffers swear by this product....he urged me to invest in a tube, which came with a plastic nozzle that may be attached to the tube to allow precision placement of the putty...I've been using the stuff and am mightily impressed with it as it dries fast and is dead easy to sand, much easier than Mr Surfacer 500...I've been applying the stuff from the tube without using the nozzle and extracting the required quantity by inserting a file or piece of plastic into the tube and squeezing some onto it, but would like to start using the provided nozzle...the problem is that the nozzle is quite large and will result in quite a bit of wastage once I remove the nozzle and replace the cap onto the tube....quite a bit of the putty will remain in and presumably get hard in the nozzle....what to do and what do you do???...there's no cap for the nozzle so it can't stay attached to the tube of putty and so has to be removed once you've finished using the putty, leaving it full...I'd love to use the nozzle as I think it's a great idea, but how to use it without wasting the putty?????
and can the putty be thinned and do you thin it???
Allan in Canberra

Hi Allan

i don't know the product but would be interested in giving it a go if there was an Australian distributer.  Maybe trying "Mr Color Thinner 110" which they supplied me for Mr Gunze Surfacer might work as a thinner.  Certainly that product is available locally and does not attack plastic.



Find some metal rod that will fit inside the nozzle, use that to push the putty down the nozzle when you're finished.

that would solve the problem of putty remaining in the nozzle, but wouldn't solve the problem of wastage...thanks for the tip
Allan in Canberra

Must admit Al I only ever spoon it out of the tube so can't help I'm afraid.

As for cleaning the tube ? While the putty is wet water works as treat So I assume you could thin it with water as well ? Would obviously increase the drying time though I would have thought.


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