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Terrain For Hippos: Reviving the art of Cardboard Cottage Construction!

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A lot of people seem to think making terrain is hard. It's not. It's so easy, even a hippo could do it. And to prove a hippo could do it, here's 'Terrain For Hippos', a new, visual step by step terrain building guide, hosted by professional Hippo, Grot Bag.

This started out breifly on my website, but what with the whiforum being down over the weekend, you all missed the excietment and get to jump on board the blog version instead - don't forget to vote for what you want features in Ishoo For.

:o Wow! That is very enlightening! :bow: Bookmark'd! :thumbsup:

Well, Ishoo Fiv should be going up later on today, quickly followed by Ishoo Six, and then a while later by Ishoo Seven. But for now, you can go and vote on what you want to see in Ishoo Ate! This time I've left plenty of Ishoos before the people's choice ishoo so I dont run out of stuff to do and get bored like last time...

Gof forth and vote my freinds! :thumbsup:

Grot sez: "Ishoo Fiv has gone Liv!"


Very informative, and quite amusing.



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