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Making Decals?


i still had a small A-4 sheet of decal paper lying around, and i am planning to make some Flemish Air Command decals, unfortunatly, i havent made decals before and i dont know if i have the right equipment for it. up to now i got:

-1 sheet of microscale Trim Film
-an deskjet 710C inkjet plotter.

is there anything else i need in order to make decals.
cause the last time i attempted to make decals the results were terrible, so my guess is i need some sort of varnish spray to prevent the ink from running.

is there anything you guys can advise me to use.

I use Microscale Liquid decal film to fixate the decals. I don't spray it, just brush ik on the sheet (thinly) and let it dry. Works great for me.



I use a spray can of Krylon.  It's what the decal manufacturer recommended.  Also:  Run at least two copies of your decal so you can stack them if they are a bit transparent, as they probably will be with inkjet.

Kim M

PS Hi, Tom

i just made my very first instructional video on how to make your own decals.
i made it as simple as possible.

I sometimes use ink jet printer paper. What I found useful:
a) set the printer to highest possible output quaility (I use photo standard)
b) let the printed decal dry thoroughly
c) I apply a very thin coat of gloss acrylic varnish from the rattle can to fix the print to the decal sheet, and let it dry once more thoroughly

If I use too much varnish, the ink will become liquid again and "bleed" out. The less varnish and the quicker the drying process, the better.

Upon application I just lay the paper carefully onto warm water - it immediately soaks and the decal becomes loose very quickly, applying it is a really delicate affair, so that I frequently print every motiv two to four times.


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