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Poll runs for one week, ends on Tuesday 22nd September.

Finished builds thread:,40644.0/highlight,dorvack+deep+sea+diver.html

Because there's so many, you can vote for two! :party:

One clear favorite, and tough decision between 3 or 4...

Captain Canada:
Two faves,,,but I almost knew voting for one would doom the other lol. Great stuff guys !

 :cheers: :blink: :bow:

There are some good models in that list that havent had a vote yet, the racers spring to mind, in any other poll they could've won hands down, just shows how strong the competition is  :bow:  :cheers:  :thumbsup:

Old Wombat:
It hurt to only have 2 votes - I needed at least 8! :blink:


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