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The VF-25 came to a close (beauty pics pending, though), and there's still a lot of time left for this GB, so I will tackle another project from the long idea list. Again, a mecha model, and this time a classic 1:100 VF-1 Valkyrie from the original Macross TV series.

The Valkyrie will be built mostly OOB, just with standard mods, and also with the landing gear tucked up for flight. However, I have been wanting to create one with a rather special paint scheme for a long time, quite experimental, and I use the occasion to take that plan to the hardware stage.

Stay tuned!  :mellow:

What? House Davion's Davion Guards?

No, that's garish (rather looks like the PEPSI Guards?), not experimental...  ;)
I'll try to adapt/interpret a real-world concept, and it turns out to be more demanding than expected, because I will not copy something, but rather try to develop a personal solution. We'll see what becomes of it...  ;)

I'm talking the good version, not the Tricolor

"Ferris scheme" maybe?

Slightly related to the topic, of the very few kits I have actually completed over the years, two are actually Macross mecha 'Mechs - 1:100 Tomahawk Destroid built as Natasha Kerensky's Warhammer and 1:72 Glaug Battle Pod built as Grayson Carlyle's Marauder. For the latter, I interpreted its "grey camo" as four shades of grey with a random pattern (largish splotches slightly resembling the US "Woodland" pattern). I liked my creation enough that the camo will probably also end up on a whiffy aircraft build once I get around doing one...


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