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SBY 2202 Yunagi - modified

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Hi again all

I have decided to add this build to the GB as my second entry. Its the 1/1000 Bandai "Yunagi" from the new SBY series 2202. Essentially, it's the exact same kit as the 2199 "Kirishima" just different colours.
It's a little bland on surface detail, so I have decided to start to add my own.
The whole ship is just over 20cm long and 4 cm wide, so it's certainly not large

I only just started this so it's well within the rules  :thumbsup:

Here's where I am up to currently



well, that's it for now but I'll post some more over the next few days
Thanks for looking

 :o :o :o Flipping 'eck, that's tiny. Amazing work

Old Wombat:
Said similarly elsewhere: Awesome detail work! :thumbsup:

Thanks guys  :thumbsup:

Time for an update
Spent a good solid few hours on this last night and accomplished a fair bit for a change. Got most of the surface detail sorted and will now look to get the lighting all sorted and final construction happening. It's a small kit so that are not that many pieces 
I'm going to try out a new method of painting using an extraction fan filter and see if I can't get a more mottled finish with it.
In the mean time, here's what I managed to get done:

Everything at the moment is just push held - nothing glued. Its one reason I love Bandai kits - half the time you don't even need glue!!

Anyways, will leave it at that, but as always, thanks for looking

All those details are wonderful.


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