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What would an SF Group Build be without a mecha entry? Like the TIE/E, I use the occasion as motivator to tackle another project from my long list, which was incepted long ago but never turned into hardware so far - even though already two of these kits were stashed away...  :rolleyes:

This will be relatively simple, a more or less OOB build of an 1:100 VF-25 'Messiah' from the Macross Frontier OAV/TV series, my preferred Macross kit scale (since hordes of VF-1s in various "poses" populate my cabinets). Anyway, I always wanted to add a more "modern" Valkyrie variant to the bunch, and Bandai offers some 1:100 kits, including this VF-25 snap-fit kit.

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

However, the paint scheme and markings will be individual, since the kit comes with stickers instead of decals. These tend to have a good quality, but I will improvise, and I have a plan for the livery, using the occasion to incorporate a scheme I also had been wanting to apply for a long time, and lacked the occasion.

More to come soon.  :mellow:

Things started moving, at stellar speed, literally.  ;) What I like about the VF-25 (and why I already ended up with two of them) is that the designers wanted to mode back to the original VF-1 design, which is a true mecha icon. And they did IMHO a good job - even though the VF-25 is considerably larger than the sleek VF-1.

Here's an overview of the multi-colored parts and the sticker sheet (which will not be used). Everything looks crisp, the only thing that bugs me is the violet-tinted canopy. Creating a clear replacement is very difficult, due to the complex frame shape, so I will stick with it. But I am not certain how things will eventually look in combination with my intended pant scheme for this one...?

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

Pygmies on board? Well, I am used to undersized figures from Japan, but this here is ridiculous! Left, the OOB fighter figure (which is, for it's size, really good and shows typical details), and to the right a "truly" 1:100 figure (architect model material). WTF...?

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

The kit comes with a clear display, that features a kind of bracket for the underbelly gun. However, I will use my home-made standard display for Valkyries in flight. It uses a thin iron wire as holder, much less visible, and it is mounted in a weighted (lead band) base from a vintage ARII 1:100 Valkyrie Fighter display.
In order to mount it to the VF-25, a 3mm hole was simply drilled through the gun into the lower fuselage - this should suffice and work well.

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr'

Major assembly started with the VG wings and the front end.

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

Stay tuned...  :tornado:

EPIC, brotha.  I like it. I just recently discovered Macross myself.  (well, the kits anyway.. no clue what it actually is)  I was even inspired enough to buy a 1:72 pinkish looking thing that kind of had an F/A-18 hornet front end and.... stuff. I may join you in building it if it gets here in time.

Anyway.. I really like the looks of this. So similar to the Pixy Morgan of Ace Combat but.... not the same. Just, the general over all shape is similar and I like it.

Them sprues look very intersting... all them colors and the little attach points? I am completely unfamiliar with 1/100 scale aircraft, however, although I plan to get my hands on a set of the Area 88 series. Very cool looking!

I am eager to see what type of livery you have in store!  Shame about the purple canopy but it has me wondering about what colors would clash with it, which in turn has me trying to guess at your surprise scheme. . .  :wacko:

Interstellar speed, I guess... Assembly made more progress. O.K., it's just a snap-fit kit, parts are few, but the fit as well as the panel line/parts' edges design is excellent. Even without PSR, you will later hardly recognize any seams. The only drawback is that the kit comes without landing gear - but for a toy, a 1:100 scale rendition would not really be suitable (even though I have built 1:144 scale Valkyries that featured optional parts!). Very smart kit. And, yes, the kit parts are partly molded in different colors and then the sprues are assembled into multi-color sprues. A frequent technique for Bandai mecha snap-fit kits in recent years. Very convenient.

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

On the gun you see the small hole for the later display attachment.

The pilot is in place, too. In order to make the figure fit, I got rid of the seating and had to widen the cabin. But it works,

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

Different angle into the cockpit; the dashboard is only rudimentary, and since vision will later be blurred, anyway, I just added some instrument dots in bright green.

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

The tinted canopy blocks not as much sight as expected - and the picture is a bit delusive, you can see more than it appears here, and I am happy that I replaced the pilot figure with something in "true" 1:100 scale!

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

Painting has already started, more to come soon.

This one will be camouflaged - a rather rare feature on canonic VF-25s. Most are either really colorful, or dull grey, with some color trim, very USN-style.
This one is whiffy/fictional, though, and I use the occasion to try out a scheme I had been wanting to "test" for a long time on a build: a wrap-around grey/blue air superiority scheme.

Even though it might remind you of the scheme tested on one of the YF-16 prototypes, this one here is actually an experimental Luftwaffe scheme, tested in the late Seventies (with many other alternatives) on F-4F Phantom IIs, which eventually led to the complex  "Norm '81" scheme.

This one, a disruptive scheme made up from RAL 7038 (Achatgrau) and RAL 5015 (Taubenblau) on 37+51 earned the aircraft the inofficial nickname "Wolkenmaus":

The scheme was not adopted, though, but it's pretty and should suit the VF-25 well - even though it looks VERY Su-27-ish with it...? O.o'

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

1:100 Macross (Frontier) VF-25F 'Messiah' - WiP by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

Not certain about the purple canopy... in order to integrate the odd color into the rest, I added some violet panels on the hull. Hope it helps...  :-\


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