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Leading Observer:
We start with the venerable AMT Original series 3 ship set:[

And then a few [simple] mods and assembly:

A bit of PSR to be done, then off to the paintshop! I'm thinking a Union of Soviet Socialist Planets[ Союз советских социалистических планет] Constellation [созвездие] Class ship, a United Space Alliance Force Bed of Prey and a Royal Albion Fleet Cruiser with city killer KEW loadout

When they realised what they'd done you would have thought they would have reshot the box art so they were all travelling in the same direction.

Oh, to get those Enterprise nacelles to stay in place without a ton of glue, back when I was a youth...  :banghead:

The Rat:
Don't forget the odd rods!  ;D

COOL project!!


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