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Death By Snuu-Snuu [Pulp Fic]

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My entry is pure CGI, and a pulp fiction cover created in DAZ Studio.  During this build, I'll be showing the build process via Youtube (a la Scott Manley, sans narration), with completed subassembly stills.  If the mods have any problem with considering the content as part of a "spares box", I'll remove the thread and post the final product in my randomness CGI thread.

First up, building the island-


Build process can be seen here:

Our fearless crew of the US Space Forces...including Ricky Redshirt

Build video-


The Amazonians...

Build video:


Assembly, parts 1 & 2
Part 1 here
Part 2 here

The white box is the what's going to be rendered.  I moved the rocket ship from where it was in Assembly Pt 1, so that I could get it into frame.

Next will be the rag title, story titles, and possibly subheads before rendering.  And, on a project of this magnitude, I'll probably be rendering it starting Sunday night and into next Monday.


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