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(DONE, PICS Pg. 4) BF-109 G6 Trop.

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--- Quote from: zenrat on May 16, 2017, 04:41:21 am ---Can't help you with that Brad C.  Sorry.  I only have the instructions from the newer version when they made a new tool.
Here's the original blister pack art though.

--- End quote ---

Oh man, that's lovely!! 

Not too miffed about the instructions... barring not finding the actual ones, I'll look around for a "review" or build page of the kit and follow along with that as I go.  Probably won't need any of it but it's still nice to have!

Try a look here:

Memories  ;D I built at least 10 of those when I discovered my first after market transfers (and they were called transfers back then) in BMW's in Wimbledon. My first purchases were a sheet of swastikas (which I still have and are still usable) and a couple of sheets for different countries 109's.

There are images of the instructions you want here:


IIRC the original Airfix Me-109G came in a plastic bag with the instructions stapled to the top, like the J-EJ Spitfire IX. The bubble pack version came later on.


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