Welcome to The 2017 Whiffie Awards Show

Started by tc2324, July 02, 2017, 11:49:16 AM

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The nominee`s for the 2017 Best VTOL Award were....,

chrisonord's US NAVY M/H-68
Devilfishes' RN Osprey
Dizzy  Fw-338 VTOL machine
b29r`s Sikorsky/Westland Falcon
Zenrat's Wessex
Tom-Z`s Pitcairn O-64 Locust
KiwiZac`s Convair FY-2 Delta Dash
Zenrat's Fw Ta 338D-2
63cpe's Breguet Dorand G.V French gyroplane

....... And the winner is...........

b29r`s Sikorsky/Westland Falcon

74 `Tiger` Sqn Association Webmaster

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The nominee`s for the 2017 Best Alternate Jet Scheme Award were....,

Ujik's Arado E.381 Julia
Ujik's Zeppelin Rammer
NARSES2's AW Vengeance
TC2324`S F-15C(UK)
TC2324`s 74 Sqn Tornado F.3
Leptiprince's 2 Me 262's
DogfighterZen's  PoAF SAAB J29F Tunnan
Novis2's RAAF B52 H Kangeroo
FAR148's RF-20E
Dizzyfugu's Panavia Czech Air Force Tornado IDS
CammNut's  BA Seafang FA.1
Flappydaffiy's Yugoslav Vampire
Narses2`s Armstrong Whitworth Auckland
Sykotic's ANZ Boeing 747
DogfighterZen`s F-15CSE
Cammnut's Saunders Roe Firebolt.
Zenrat's Fiery Red Phantom
Dizzy's A-4 Aeronavale
Dizzy's Albatros:
Old Wombat's NARDU F4D-1P Spyray
Zac's alternative RAAF F-117
Zac's alternative RAAF B-1B
darthspud2`s RAF Thunderbolt II
Nonbar's Swiss J29
Wacek85's Cutlass
AndrewJ's Swift PR 6
Leptiprince`s F-35c sp├ęcial 125e anniversary
Zenrat's R.A.N. Super Etandard
JayBee's Trident K2 tanker
Dizzyfugu`s Alpha Jet Lancier M
Pearing's TSR2
Scooterman's QA-4A Skyhawk

We had a tie this year for this category and so it gives me great pleasure to say that the joint winners are...........

Narses2`s Armstrong Whitworth Auckland


Old Wombat's NARDU F4D-1P Spyray

74 `Tiger` Sqn Association Webmaster

Tiger, Tiger!



The nominee`s for the 2017 Best Vehicle Award were....,

sykotik`s  Scud Launcher.
Zenrat's 3 John's Racing 1940 Ford Gasser.
Old Wombat`s ASLAV 1A2
Chaos's Pripjet heavy tank
MaxHeadroom's Citroen 11CV
The Chaos' Mark IV Tadpole in German Freikorps Service
The Chaos's T10-M
Buzzbomb's Sdkfz 222 mortar carrier
Zenrat's "Sumfing Stoopid"
Zenrat`s 2 Stoopid
ericr's road racer
Old Wombat's RAAF Scimitar
buzzbomb's "AS2K8 Medium Surface to Air Missile System":
Old Wombat's White Scout Car
Nonbar's Cologne Duck

....... And the winner is...........

Chaos's Pripjet heavy tank

74 `Tiger` Sqn Association Webmaster

Tiger, Tiger!


....... and so finally we get to the big one.............,


The nominee`s for the 2017 Top Gun Award were....,

wacek85`s Flying Stable Door
Seadude's USS Solace
Mr Ten and friend's Minotaur Aerial Gunship.
FAR148's RF-20E
Flappydaffiy's Yugoslav Vampire
63cpe's Breguet Dorand G.V French gyroplane
Pearing's TSR2

....... And the winner is...........

Damn it PwC...., your given one job...., ONE JOB!!

Enough with the La La Land already.........

(The correct envelope is duly opened.....)

And the winner is....., (glances wildly over to the Pwc rep....)

Seadude's USS Solace

74 `Tiger` Sqn Association Webmaster

Tiger, Tiger!


........... and on that bombshell, that concludes the 2017 Whiffie Awards show for another year.

(I hope you all have good memories and can remember some of the whiffie winners creations..??!) :banghead:

I hope you enjoyed the show and a hearty congrats to all of this year's winners, a well done and pat on the back to those nominated and finally a big thank you to you the members who voted. Without the support from you it`s just me and that's a tad boring, if not sad..!!

The Academy is now off to rehab and some corrective RSI surgery.
In a few weeks or so, the Academy will be contacting the winners for an email address so that your winner's certificates can be sent on to you.

The Academy will look forward to seeing you again for the 2018 Whiffies, albeit at a slightly earlier time of year and totally Photobucket free. :thumbsup:

74 `Tiger` Sqn Association Webmaster

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Great job everyone! and thanks so much for all the hard work into putting on the show  :thumbsup:
Dave "Sandiego89"
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*takes a bow*

Thank You, one and all. :)  It is an honor and a privledge to have won Best Ship and the Top Gun categories. It was a tough and long model project. But I couldn't have done it without all the support from the fine WHIFers here at this wonderful forum. Thank You!  :drink:
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congratulations and kudos to the winners  and thank you to the academy (  and tc2324 ) for there hard work in organising and running the show
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Old Wombat

WOH!! :o

TWO Whiffies! I'm beyond happy, I'm ecstatic!! ;D ;D ;D ;D :party:

Thank you, tc2324, for all of your effort & time in compiling these awards shows. Without you they may have faded into memory. :bow: :bow:

And a massive "THANK YOU!" to everyone who voted for my builds, your recognition is greatly appreciated. :bow: :bow:

To all the other winners a heart-felt "Congratulations, on all of your excellent work & well deserved recognition!"

Right! Where's the after party? :party: :cheers: :drink: :cheers: :party:
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Two Whiffles?  Two Whiffles?  I am honoured and surprised.  I'd first like to thank my family, my wife and my kids, then my agent and of course the judges, my peers.  Then, I'd like to speak about the plight of the Fairy Penguins.  A much maligned predator species which inhabit the south shores of the Australian continent, presently beset by habitat destruction from human beings and predation from the common cat and dog, as well as the domesticated rat.   They deserve our protection!  You should all adopt a Fairy Penguin to save it from the humans, cats, dogs and rats!   May your god/goddess/higher being that you choose to worship, bless you all...    :wub: :wub:

Ps. Thanks to tc2324 for undertaking the show.   :thumbsup:
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Quote from: Old Wombat on July 02, 2017, 08:16:40 PM

Right! Where's the after party? :party: :cheers: :drink: :cheers: :party:

Why, at yours, of course... hope you're firing up the Barbie already - we're all on our way...  :lol: :rolleyes:


Thank you and well done everyone.  You all did very well.
To Photobucket, your timing is exquisite.  May you burn in the fires of heck for all eternity.
And Rickshaw, the PC police will be calling shortly to make an appointment for your re-education.  "Fairy" Penguins indeed...


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Wow, two Whiffies! I am truly honoured!

I want to thank the academy for all their hard work. Jolly good show!

I also want to thank my wife, my dog (which I don't have but sounds nice), my parents, grandparents, firends, non-firends and, and, and.....

Thanks Guys!

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 :o... I'm speechless... Thank you all for the tremendous honor, i'm very grateful!! :bow: :bow:
And congratzs to all the winners but also, to every one who's a part of this great community! :cheers:
It's a shame that PB is holding back the show this year but tc2324 is THE MAN!!  :bow: :bow:  Thank you for the dedication to our community, for looking after such a cool place that so many modellers call a "home".

Party on!! :drink:
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Well I can honestly say I'm genuinely stunned. I never, ever expected to win a Whiffie and I'm truly honoured. Thank you to this wonderful community who make modeling so much fun.  :thumbsup:

My greatest thanks however go to tc2324 for organising such a fantastic show  :bow:
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