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Hushkit's What-If model contest


Oh God I'm sorry it's all my fault... ;)

Joe Coles over on Hushkit has decided to run a model contest to build one of the planes from a 2019 comedy What-If article:

This is the article:

These are the five planes (text descriptions and bigger pics in the article):

This is the prize:

If anybody wants to enter but isn't on Twitter, DM me and I'll post your entry there.

Link to the article fixed. :thumbsup: :rolleyes:

I've just asked him and he says that deviations from the artwork are more than acceptable. The example I used was giving the first one big venturis at the ends of it's booms to reflect the fact that they contain 120mm recoillesss rifles. :o

Soooo, I'm an idiot - I posted this thread in My Stash Grew Again instead of General Modelling Topics - could a Mod kindly move it there for me please?

 :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown’s notorious twin brother Alan ‘Picker’ Brown

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Which one is which?  :wacko:

Moved as per request  :thumbsup:


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