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--- Quote from: zenrat on August 01, 2018, 04:39:49 am ---
Hmmmm, I can get 1/32 Vickers Machine Guns from shapeways.  Do we think these will be obviously too large?
I'm not sure.

--- End quote ---

Say it's the 0.5" version  ;D

I smeared some filler on the turret today.

--- Quote from: nighthunter on August 01, 2018, 06:48:21 am ---I have 2 Vickers you can have. PM me.

--- End quote ---

PM sent.

A bit more progress today.
I attached the last part of the body (the front mudguards and rear panel), painted the chassis and engine black and started work on the suspension.

Today was wheel prep day.  Eleven wheels (each consisting of a solid half and a rim) removed from the sprue, cleaned up, stuck onto a strip of tape and then primed. 

Not my favourite task.  But now out of the way.

Wheels airbrushed.  Badly.  I need to go over them with a brush.  Somedays I just can't seem to get the settings right on the airbrush.  This weekend contained two of those days.


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