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Gloster Meteor F.8(R)

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--- Quote from: PR19  on July 02, 2018, 02:59:55 pm ---Or even extended wings?

But who'd ever do that to a Meteor, eh?  ;)

--- End quote ---

Indeed, hey, Kit  ;)

some nitty gritty work this morning:

* reduce the wingtips to F.8 size/shape, cut off the wing guns and fit front and rear engine fairings.
* assemble NF.11 fin and rudder, plus drop tanks.
* chop out the front seat to make way for an ejection seat (taken from a Merlin Meteor F.8), tidy up the Aeroclub F.8 fuselage decking, refit the instrument panel and successfully lose the control column(!).
* select nose, add weight and fit to fuselage.
* realise some of the unwanted cockpit detail might be good for the Shorts Bronco (,45423.msg813546.html#msg813546).
* be surprised how easily the plastic melts - only have to put it within 10 inches of a bottle of liquid cement and it goes weak at the knees!
* and be surprised how weedy the plastic is compared to the original Matchbox mouldings, making it seem like a limited run kit in some respects.
* above said not having actually built any of the Matchbox Meteors I have in the stash.
* appreciating the warnings of the gaps, etc, referred to in all of the reviews of this kit when it first came out.

Where I am with the Meteor.  Some cockpit tidying up ahead of fitting the Aeroclub F.8 fuselage fairing.  That'll lead to plenty of filling and rubbing down ahead of fitting the wings and the tailplane, which will need to be prepped before fitting.

Good to see your making progress mate  :thumbsup:

The Wooksta!:
You may need to think about some transverse bulkheads inside the fuselage, because that plastic is really thin and the join line with the top can never be eliminated unless you do something to stiffen it.

I've fought that kit several times and I detest it with a passion.


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