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--- Quote from: The Wooksta! on July 29, 2018, 08:02:15 am ---You may need to think about some transverse bulkheads inside the fuselage, because that plastic is really thin and the join line with the top can never be eliminated unless you do something to stiffen it.

I've fought that kit several times and I detest it with a passion.

--- End quote ---

Good tip Lee, tvm.

The Wooksta!:
Had on - what you using for weapons?  There's a dirty geet radar nose so no guns there and you've deleted the wing armament. 

Ah - four cannon gunpack under the fuselage as the fuel goes in the space formerly occupied by teh radar gadgy?

Some initial filling done, fitting the fuselage decking next.

Cockpit decking fitted, filled and sanded.  Fin/rudder and one tailplane fitted, filled and sanded.  Wings all filled and sanded and one wing fitted, realised I'd missed some filling around one of the engines so filled (sanding to follow). Wingtips sorted.

Wings, tailplane, fin/rudder, etc, all sorted, fitted and PSR done.  Test fitting - Merlin ejection seat still fits nicely and the Merlin canopy does too.

Next up: tidy up the drop tanks and either build up a pair of PP Aeroparts Firestreaks or rob a pair from the Airfix Lightning F.2A that's down to have the Freightdog VG wings and a pair of Odds & Ordnance Genies fitted to it.  By 'eck, the old Airfix Lightning F.1A Firestreaks are weedy in comparison!

And yes, Firestreaks.  The Meatbox is going to be from the Guided Weapons Test Squadron, which in the real world trialled Fairey Fireflashes on Swift F.7s.  Fireflashes were also trialled on Woomera-based Meteors.  Firestreaks on the other hand were trialled on Sea Venoms and RAAF Sabres.


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