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Congratulations to the winners. And clearly a winning GB topic. We'll have to keep this in mind for the future.

Thanks a lot, and congratulations to Jalles for that lovely build - a worthy winner!

Nevertheless, so many good/creative/weird contributions, great to see so many competitors and wide range of ideas and interpretations!  :thumbsup:

Well done to the winners and to all who took part. Some wonderful imagination and great builds  :thumbsup:

i'd like to thank Zenrat for organizing this GB. It was a great success!

I also like to congratulate Jalles for winning this edition, Dizzyfugu for taking third prize and also congratulate every entrant for making this GB as good as it was is. Top Notch!
Definitely enjoyed myself!

There should be a rerun of this GB in the near future to take revenge....after all it is a competition, right?! albeit with a wink ;)

David aka 63cpe

Thanks Dave.  Not just me though.  Chris and Jon were also mods and did just as much organisation.


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