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Iíve always loved the Scaled Composites designed Pond Racer that tried to break the warbird hegemony in the Reno air races. Alas it never performed as hoped but I still think it looked great.

My idea is at some point in the future Reno adds an all-electric class (electric and hybrid propulsion is hot in aviation right now). Burt Rutan, unhappy with what could have been with the Pond Racer decides to revive the design with the help of one of the fledgling electric/hybrid aviation companies.  The twin booms of the Pod Racer, freed of the large engines and associated cooling systems, provides the perfect volume to fill with batteries.

This is going to be another 3D printed, vacuform, scratch build, and boy is it tiny. Maybe not as tiny as pr19_kitís Midget Mustang, but itís still small.

It wonít be an exact Pond Racer, the booms will be slightly different and I think Iíll put on some 8 blade, scimitar props but it will be immediately recognizable. If youíre not familiar with it, the Pond Racer looks like this:

There's a 1/72 scale Pond Racer to be had, made by Cobra Company which now comes under Lone Star Models

Nice shape of unconventional racer! Good! :thumbsup:

The real Pond Racer had all sorts of engine issues, and that finally lead to its end in a crash. 3 liter Nissan engines, I recall.

I like the whole idea of this.  :thumbsup:

The Pond Racer was one AMAZING device and it's a pity they never sorted the engine issues before it was destroyed.


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