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As it says, the place to have a chat about your ideas and a place for your questions.

Hmmmmmmmm...  I've already made one racing glider:

I issue unto you all a CHALLENGE, in the true spirit of the group build, to create an even better, even slowerfaster glider!  :wacko: :wacko: 

Speaking for myself, I have some of that one's cousins... two or three more little 1/72 gliders that I might attempt to make. I have quite a few race car decals sitting around so I should have all I need to decorate things.

Also, the idea of the slowest, bulkiest, least aerodynamic, etc being made into a racing vehicle. You know... like... that mechanized platform the space shuttle used to travel on. Top speed 1MPH, huge, and quite bulky. An An-12 and other ridiculously low stall speed aircraft.

How about some racing locomotives? Would be cool to see a racing semi truck or maybe a garbage truck or something. Racing street sweeper.  ;D

Racing Nuclear Submarine? Richard Petty blue number 43 Los Angeles Class. How about a racing super freighter or racing cruise ship?

Or I'm just a buffoon with idiotic nonsense ideas, whatever, take your pick.  ;D ;D


Hmmm. Some ideas are not so far fetched. Pennsy and NYC steam trains used to race (unofficially) on parallel tracks leaving NY, IIRC.
And the Blue Ribbon (or Riband) was a trophy for passenger ships across the Atlantic:

Thanks, great stuff!  Definitely. Some of the others aren't far fetched either, like the semi trucks (although I don't recall see them ever race with trailers attached; now THAT would be fun to watch). Just some ideas and perhaps things I haven't seen very many of modeled.  :wacko:

I have a Ferrari model kit sitting somewhere I might slap some Folgers coffee NASCAR stuff onto. Hmmmmmmm. . . . ..

Holy crap, what a coincidence. I just left here and went to face book. The "you have memories from a year ago" thing popped up and the first one was a link I posted to Stan Mott artwork, thus, I present highly relevant material By Stan Mott:


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