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Welcome to the 2020 Whiffie Awards Show

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The 2020 Whiffie Awards Show

`Ladies and gentleman, welcome to a delayed 2020 Whiffie Awards show. The organisers had a very senior moment yesterday and completely forgot to show up! Instead they hammered down a quart of JD and woke up in a field with a donkey staring them in the eye. That was an awkward call to the wife, I can tell you!
Now completely sober, I can confirm we have another great awards show to share with you tonight, albeit at home in front of a PC monitor dressed up in your finest NBC suit money or loo roll can buy.

 Anyway, enough of me rambling on and on with the show.

First Award up is……….,

Best Alternate Jet Scheme Post 1980

And the contenders were …….

Hobbes BAe Comet: Nimrod AEW testbed
Seadude`s F-16G Packer Attacker
Devilfish's Hornet FRS.1
Zenrat's neat RAAF F-15
Devilfish's Thunderbolt GA.1
TomZ's A-30-300
TomZ's Il-76 KLM Cargo
Brad's S African F.111
DFZ's  F-5F

….. and the winner was …….,

Devilfish's Thunderbolt GA.1

Best Alternate Jet Scheme Pre 1980

And the contender were …….

Wacek85's gorgeous Polish Eagle F-104
Harro's Jet Belfast
comrade harpsConvair F-106H Mystic Mission
AeroplaneDriver`s USAAF P-74 Meteor
Sykotik's Landor VC-10
Martin H's Royal Rhodesian AF's Vautour
tc2324's F-4 (FVS) concept.
Draggie748`s Hunter
Ratty's Canadian Lansen
Dizzy`s Avia NS-92A
Dizzyfugu's Boeing 727-301, Aéromexicana
Old Wombat's RAN Cougar
Dogfighter Zen's Portuguese AF F4-F Phantom
Devilfish's Miles Dart F.1
chrisnord's Hawker Hobby FGR.2

….. and the winner is ……

Dizzyfugu's Boeing 727-301, Aéromexicana,

Best Alternate Prop Scheme – Allied

And the contenders were ………

Flappydaffy's ROCAF Mig 3
Doug K's Royal Scot's AF Siskin
TomZ's A-90-300 operated by Etihad Airways
TomZ's Martin Baker Stingray F Mk.4
TomZ`s Convair CV-710 Skylark
nönöbär's "Captured F4F Wildcat, September 1942"
Old Wombat's Sea Beau
TomZ's Golden Hawk Hawk
TomZ's Golden Hawk P-51 Mustang
AndrewJ's bubble top early Spit
Brad's A-1K Skyraider

….. and the winner is …….

Old Wombat's Sea Beau

Best Alternate Prop Scheme – Axis

63cpe's Breda Ba89 Caracal
Narses2`s BV-155:
TomZ's He 115L
Tomz's Alitalia Ju 352
Comrade Harpo's Bulgarian Me 110
Zenrats Mitsuberican KP5146 Bitang
TomZ's Iberian Airlines Ju 390

….. and the winner is ……..

63cpe's Breda Ba89 Caracal


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