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A new nomination gallery for builds completed during 2020, perfect vision is accepted.  ;D

As always, please supply a description of what and by who, a picture of the build and a link to the thread. (Humour, as always, is optional.....) ;D

Ta Muchly.   :thumbsup:

The Academy

I promised myself to not be lazy with nominations this year :) So I'd like to nominate for the best VTOL, helicopter etc  Dizzyfugu
1:72 EC665 "Tiger" (UHT KWS-M), "75+13" of the German Marineflieger, 2016
1:72 Airbus Helicopters EC665 "Tiger" (UHT KWS-M); "75+13" of the German Marinefliegergeschwader (MFG) 5; Nordhausen, on board of the Fregatte “Bayern” (F 217) during "Operation Atalanta", Somalia, summer 2016 (Whif/modified Italeri kit) by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

OMG, thank you very much!  :lol:

In the remake category.
Chris' BAE Tempest II

This beautiful Retrohawk by KiwiZac:



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