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I don't know if a subject like this has been started, but these are photos of what I'm working on...over twelve months. This first shot is Huey, from 'Silent Running'. The model on top is 1/5th sc. and the other is full size. Construction is of MDF 3mm, and the 'nuts and bolts' along the lower ridge are resin.
This has taken me two years, to date...and has been shelved for 6 months.
Come on, show us all what you are doing!

Sweet idea: you could keep your kids in it, feed then through the front slot, and move them up from Huey to Dewey to Lewey as they grew (or whatever order of size the three 'bots were in....)  :wacko:

Seriously, serious project!  :thumbsup: How good are the references you can get?

Ok, anyone else thinkin it was going to be a UH-1?

Shas b)

Brian da Basher:
"Silent Running" is one of my favorite movies! I don't know how you do it Glenn, but somehow you seem to always manage to build projects from my favorite flicks!
Brian da Basher

The Rat:
Cool project! Next you have to build one of those circular pool tables.  :thumbsup:


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