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Vickers Viscount MR
« on: December 27, 2018, 10:00:45 am »
The Vickers Viscount is represented in various kits ranging from 1/144 scale to 1/72 scale and in different mediums from, resin, vacform and plastic.
However if you want to build a 1/72 scale model there is the choice of resin, vacform and plastic.
The plastic choice is limited to the Mach2 or the 1/96 scale as an alternative.
 Vickers had submitted a brochure for a short range maritime version of the Viscount to the Air Ministry which landed in the in-tray during the first week of January 1951.Their proposal was underwing rocket launchers, bomb bay, upper and rear gun turrets (rear optional), radome to be carried under the nose or just aft of the nosewheel bay with long-range fuel tanks fitted to improve the types range.
This proposal lost out to the Lockheed P2V Neptunes being brought over to fill the gap between the introduction of the Avro Shackleton in service with the Royal Air Force.
I have no information at hand that suggests the Viscount was considered for an airborne early warning platform although it would look gorgeous with the triple tail fins in place and the AN/APS.120 radar from the E-2 Hawkeye.
 Although the Viscount was fitted with four Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop engines, other engines such as the Napier Naiads or a pair of Tay turbojets with the main landing gears retracting on either side of the jetpipes.
You could try the PW100 turboprop the Dart replacement, not too sure where you would find these. Or the engines from the Turbo-Dak might work.
 An interesting project, even if kept in civvie colours.