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OS2U-11 Kingzwilling 1/200

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Thanks! ;)

The floats are now glued on, awkwardly, but probably I will not finish in time: I caught a cold, I am coughing, and my wife said I should no go downstairs on the model workbench during the forthcoming days...

You've got less than a day to go now Tophe, so you're very tight for time.

This is not a proud race to victory, this is a shy race to participate... ;)

Painting the underside this morning:

Then before it is completely dry, adding paint this evening on the side above (when the flash makes it, I see many defaults, to be cured tomorrow, on the last line...)

Around 6.5 hrs to go Tophe.

I am surprised: in the rules is written:

"1.  Group Build runs from 00.01 Wednesday 1st November 2017 to 24:00 Wednesday 31st January 2018. (Extension to 14th Feb granted)"

This seems to mean 14th Feb at 23:59 is still OK. 30 hours from now, not 6 hours.


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