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He 162 flying boat

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there still is a bt of time, so I started something, in parallel with the others in progress :

a flying-boatization of the He 162 :

using a 1/48 resin kit of the He162 and a float from the SMER 1/48 MC.72
(and additional little things for the side floats)

The Wooksta!:
NIce!  Never knew there was a resin kit of the He 162 in 48th!  Looks like a Czech one.

BTW, the intake is on upside down.  The cowl on the 162 has a distinct hump back look.

But that's not bad against spray ingestion... Nice idea, considered such a build, too, but found out that this stunt has been done before (IIRC by a German modeler, cannot find the respective website and visual evidence).
Personally (but that's just me) I'd raise the fins higher, away from the water, or replace the whole tail by a butterfly/V tail?

Looking forward to progress and results!  :thumbsup:

Looking forward to this one!


thanks !

the intake is inverted indeed : I have had a hesitation, but the kit instructions were not clear ... it is a Replica kit by the way.
Thanks Dizzyfugu for proposing an explanation : this will be a whiff effect !  ;)
I think I didn't see the build you mention, but even then I find it great to see different people tking interpretations at a given idea ;
so please feel free to try out different solutions  ;D

I will do it in yellow, with my usual level of skills (simple and fast, a bit punk-ish  :o)


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