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Northrop N3 - New Zealand Imperial Air Corps. Finished Pics Page 2.

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Thanks folks.
Typical limited run kit.  Took a bit of paying attention to get together.  Has a smattering of PE (instrument panel, seat belts, water rudders) and a vac form canopy (PitA but worth it in terms of clarity).
Paint is Vallejo acrylics.  Sky underside with Dark Sea Grey and IDF Blue (or US Intermediate Blue - depends which list you look at) upper.
Decals from an xtradecal RAAF & RNZAF national insignia set.

Captain Canada:
Great job on this one ! Love the camo pattern and colours. Such a big beast eh ! Looks great with those big boots.

Yeah! I like that. I'll have to build the one I have (which I got so I could rob the floats from it)

Thanks folks.

Kitnut - The wings are plenty thick enough to carve out some wheel wells.  Or one would look good with spats.

I'm sorry I missed this, it's rather nifty! I quite like the paint scheme.


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