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Northrop N3 - New Zealand Imperial Air Corps. Finished Pics Page 2.

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MPM kit.  Better than the Me 262 Mistel but still a typical short run kit.
Northrop N-3 PB by Fred Maillardet, on Flickr
Following comments elsewhere on the forum regarding the relative paucity of RNZAF machines this will be getting kiwis on the wings.

I assume it has a vacform canopy given it's age ? I've quite a soft spot for MPM kits of this period, looking forward to it and given you've decided on RNZAF you've a huge variety of markings to choose from. They seem to have changed the style of national ones every other month  ;)

As shown elsewhere I had already assembled the basic cockpit insert for this.  In order for it to fit into the fuselage halves a not insignificant amount of styrene had to be sanded off.
Once this was done I dug out some greebles to add interest to the interior.
I also glued the floats together.  rather than the usual left and right halves these consist of a concave upper part and a stepped flat lower part.  Pro of this design is no seam along the top of the floats to clean up.  Con is that fit could be better and some PSR is going to be needed.  Still better than cleaning up a top seam and losing all the detail in such an obvious place though.


a nice floatplane, and a nice kit if I remember well


--- Quote from: zenrat on December 23, 2017, 02:33:44 am ---
Once this was done I dug out some greebles to add interest to the interior.

--- End quote ---

You can never have enough greebles I've always said.  ;D ;)


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