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Not sure yet, but might join the fun...

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Although everyone has long started and Dizzy almost completed his first build, I was still pondering, comtemplating thinking etc. on an entry in this GB..
My build usually take a veeeeery long time and i'm still not too sure about the basic components I managed to score. Fuselage or hull to be exact and canopy are sure, wings and engine (or engines), not so sure...

Here are the basics:
IMG_20171128_204423428 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

Any comments are welcome!


Old Wombat:
Weird! Interesting collection of parts but weird ... in a good way! ;) :thumbsup:

Looks like the ingredients for a Star Wars (Rebel) fighter to me?

Excellent.  Can't wait to see you get going on this.


likely to inspire passionate discussions about aerodynamics  ;D


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