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With my 8 year son Jacky we visited a toy store (while my wife was in a cloth store). I offered him the Lego 60164 box of twin-boom flying boat, sea rescue, with a kind of contract between us: he will build it “perfectly” then photograph it, then I will transform it for fun, then he will chose his favourite way forever...
see  the boxart at
Here is what he built, OOB:

Then I made a canard pusher derivative, Rescuecue or Reskyukyu:

Seen fron the other side:

And I tried an asymmetric derivative, Reskyakya:

Then he restored it back to what he had built himself…

My son Jacky has changed his mind and wanted to invent new shapes like Daddy. He produced 11 new kinds, I will show you tomorrow...


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