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Floatplane FP.1

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Well  hallo,
I've finally managed to work out how Flickr works and can now post images ;D
of my imaginatively entitled entry for this GB. :rolleyes:
So first off the obligatory box shot...

Floatplane FP.1

and some progress :thumbsup:
The two floats are stuck together and the fuselage.

FP.1 progress

Now some of you (all?) may be wondering where i going with this and indeed how I'm going to get there,
well I'm not entirely sure myself....
but the general direction would be to try and build something like this;


currently I think it will only have one pusher engine, but I shall see were the force takes me :mellow:
If i can get half way to this i shall be very happy ;D
the picture comes from deviant art (for which i thank Weaver?) as I believe it was he who pointed this seaplane out many moons ago, possibly along with several others like it (maybe on the ideas thread?)
of course it may just all go pearshaped and shelf of doom but at least Ill have tried :-\


With floats as booms? Great! :wub: :thumbsup:

Steel Penguin:
I was wondering with the first shot,  then the 3rd one went  sweet  :thumbsup:

Got my attention, sat down in the comfy chair, with cup of tea and some biscuits. :thumbsup:

Old Wombat:
Sweet image! Hope you find the mojo to do it justice - you're off to a good start! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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