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N.A. Mustang P-51S, U.S. Navy, Korean War (DONE! PICS on Page 3)

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Going to steal some pontoons from a Letov S-328 and glue 'em on a 'Stang.  ;D

Floats are from the old KP kit and the Mustang is from the old Airfix Blue nose kit.

I'll have to order in the transfers but I have some picked out:

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice and simple. All over blue and not many transfers. I also have some other stuff picked out for a pre-war color scheme of US Army but I have a lot on my plate right now and may not get to it. We'll see!

Let's get some pictures going!

Nothing much to say, just a little proof that I haven't worked on this contraption. That, and it's always fun to see pictures!  :lol:

I'm not really sure when I'll even start on this, but first thing will be to separate the parts I'm using from the ones I won't. Then I'll just start building as usual. This should be pretty straight forward. Unlike a big ol' kitbash mix up, all that I'm doing here is going to build the 'Stang as it would be in flight, yet with the gaps around the gear doors filled in, and then adding the pontoons.  Those will be built as normal as well. Only modification may be to shorten some of the legs or whatever they're called. No headache inducing mysteries here...   :mellow: :mellow:

That's all for now! Thanks for looking.

Old Wombat:
Good to see the Letov comes with wheels in the box, so there's a chance of it making its own appearance one day.

Neat idea, work harder to get to it! :angry:

 ;) ;D

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

But 'Stang =

Mustang =

Oooooh, a '67 GT350, drool, drool.  :wub: :wub:

Is it a '67? Some seemed to have the twin hood scoops right forward and some had them back a bit as in your pic.


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