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From the метательное копье design bureau - the MeKo 7 light amphibian.

Starting point.
MeKo 7 Start 1-11-17 by Fred Maillardet, on Flickr

And later today after some cutting and gluing.
MeKo 7 WIP 1-11-17 by Fred Maillardet, on Flickr

My mind is already boggling, looking at the components there.  :o

Duck, Mustang, Airacobra, Bf110, Fw190, Pe2 and Beaufighter parts are in the box so far.
It looks really good in my head.  I should prolly do a concept sketch.

Now I'm boggling even MORE!  :o

Old Wombat:
MeKo 7? Obviously refers to the 7 different kits being bashed together in a Mess of Kookiness.


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