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The Flying Boat, Seaplane and Amphibian G.B. - The Rules

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O.K. Lads here's the prospective rules for the forthcoming G.B. 

The Flying Boat, Seaplane and Amphibian Group Build

1.  Group Build runs from 00.01 Wednesday 1st November 2017 to 24:00 Wednesday 31st January 2018. (Extension to 14th Feb granted)

"2.  You can enter any Flying Boat, Seaplane or Amphibian into this G.B. For the terms of this G.B. amphibian shall be taken to include aircraft capable of landing normally & safely on BOTH land & water, & other vehicles which are designed to transition from water to land and/or land to water without the need for any structural alterations being made to the vehicle. Figures of amphibious creatures, which can include mythical and or science fiction ones, are also welcome in the G.B. Back stories, whether they are highly detailed or bare-bones basic, are encouraged but not essential. Full-blown stories, either with or without accompanying builds, are, also, more than welcome."

3.  You may build as many entries as you like (good luck!).  The posting of in-progress pictures is encouraged as always. 

4.  "Preparation" work is allowed prior to the start of the GB - this includes the cutting out and cleaning up of parts, even printing your own decals (!), but anything involving paint or glue is not allowed. I suppose nowadays given the availability of 3 D Printers we should also include the printing of your own parts ?

5.  Part-started models will be considered by the moderators. You should explain what you have done or post pics (even better) and they will convene and pass judgment, their decision being final - we are relying on the honour of our membership to uphold this rule.

6. No rule 6 - is there ever a rule 6 ?
7. Moderators PR19 Kit, Old Wombat and Jaybee
If you're not sure whether your build is eligible or not, please ask the moderators before starting work.

Old Wombat:
Not long now, gentlemen! ;D

So, gear up & lock-&-load! :thumbsup:

Old Wombat:
It's 0130hrs ACDT (Australian Central Daylight-savings Time), 01 November 2017.

This GB is officially under way in the antipodes! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Are we running this on local time wherever the builder is then???

If that's the case there's 3.5 hrs to go in most of Europe and 4.5 hrs to go in the UK and Ireland.

Old Wombat:

--- Quote from: PR19_Kit on October 31, 2017, 12:37:17 pm ---Are we running this on local time wherever the builder is then???

--- End quote ---

It's always seemed to be the norm, so I assumed so. :unsure:


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