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Right then playmates.  The UK is at the peak of Fevered General Election Frenzy so what better time than now to launch the vote that REALLY matters!

Three votes each and it's a secret ballot, use your votes wisely and we'll get the result we all deserve.  Speaking of results there's seven days in which to vote, at which point the results will, courtesy of the wonders of the age and the magic of the tinterweb, suddenly appear.  I can smell the tension already.

Actually it seems cruel to choose.  Brilliant builds all round (and yes let's count the drawing as a build) and it still confounds me how folk produce such good models in such a short time.  For my part - epic failure to resurrect an unfinished build from two 1WGBs ago.  Just how lame is that?

Good luck to everyone.

Very very...very hard to choose !
From my point of view,you are all winners,great job guys !  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

All done...very difficult with four choices and three votes :banghead: Sorry to the guy who missed out ;D

Yeah, this one was not easy. A lot of very amazing builds in such a short time.

Glenn Gilbertson:
Again, too many fine models to want to pick just three! Well done, all the participants. :bow:


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