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Gnats in Portugal

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Captain Canada:
Great job on this one ! Ambitious finish for a 1-weeker to be sure !


Thank you, Captain! :drink:
Yes, indeed it was. I finished the F/A-16W on Monday, 29th and started this the day after. I thought i was going to give it my best but in reality, didn't think i'd finish it in time... but i did push the deadline a bit... :rolleyes:
At first, i thought of building a trainer, totally white, with the PoAF markings of a normal trainer for it's time line, then i thought of giving it a bit of color with some orange like the RAF's scheme but i'm not really a fan of that scheme so i thought "what about an air show scheme?"
I looked at the scheme currently used on the "Asas de Portugal" Alpha jet, but that is way more complicated, and would be too modern for the Gnat, which would've been bought instead of the T-37C that was used in the 70's, when they formed the Asas team.
Although not sure if i could do it, the scheme painted on the Tweety looked like something i could pull off, even if i didn't make the deadline...
I'm satisfied with the result, the scheme type and colors were a first for me, even more so because it was a very fun kit to build.



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