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Hovercraft M.A.R.C. Z-360 - FINISHED

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The acronym M.A.R.C. stands for Medium Army Reconnaissance Complex. Z-360 stands for "Zero gravity" and "360 degrees" - this is of course the radar coverage the complex can provide. Hovering over the dunes, sands, hills etc. of the Great Desert M.A.R.C. can scan everything (living or dead) on the surface, in the air (up to 3000m in the sky) and underground (up to 15m depth). Integrated computers (what else?) can instantly identify the objects and determine are these weapons, old tires or kangaroo bones (just an example). The collected data can be send via satellite(s) to any possible point on earth. A more detailed story about the device and its use during the 4-th Desert War to come later.
Just hours before the start of this GB I played with the idea what shall I bash together and "The Plan" was born:

Here is what I have for now:

A donor kit for the booms of my craft. I have another F4U in 1:72 (Revell) to be used for the same purpose.
I need these parts only (for now):

This is a recent "lucky buy" from Toys'R'Us for 98 cents - to be used for the fuselage.

This is a part for my kitchen faucet. I bought it 2 days ago to exchange a broken one.

The parts from the old one are for my jet engine:

Those are caps from some small plastic bottles (the cones are from paints for Easter eggs). I'll use the caps for the two booms as specified in "The Plan":

To be continued...

VEeeeeeeeery ingenious.  :thumbsup:

That water filter thing gave a good idea for the upcoming SF GB. Still looking for a round "object" as donor part, and this one looks very good.  :thumbsup:

Work in progress - the booms being "manufactured" (or with other words "being hand made" ;)) :

For some reason (maybe to be sure I get the exact same parts at the end) I decided to make each boom of 2 different parts: a white one(Revell) and a blue one(Airfix). The 2 kits don't match exactly and after some surgery, sanding, filling and final sanding I got these:

Before and after shot:

Next to come:
Intakes to be made from DC-9 (I guess) engines. Bottom parts for the booms - long range auxiliary tanks for F9F in 1:48 (the Monogram kit in original Navy blue):

To be continued...

Curiouser and curiouser!!   A remarkably sensible use of "found objects".


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