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Yahoo! I'm done! Spent far too much time on this over the week.


Build thread:,43800.0.html

North American-Supermarine Sapphire Sabre F.Mk.6

A 'British-ized' version of the F-86 Sabre with a Sapphire engine and a compound sweep wing, build under licence by Supermarine in the 1950s.

Model: Emhar FJ-4B Fury with Airfix Swift wings.

Full build thread here:,43795.0.html

Hovercraft M.A.R.C. Z-360

Full build HERE.

Alright, here's my entry - an Airfix Fiat G.91 decked out in the WHIF colours of Area 88's mercenary pilot, Mario Baldini.  Former Frecce Tricolori soloist, turned mercenary airforce ace.

The full build thread is here Fiat G.91 "Mario"

Well, i know i'm late, i finished it just 10 minutes ago and snapped a few pics so here it is...

If it's not eligible for the voting, i understand, rules are rules so, no problem here, i'm satisfied with how the build came out and that's what matters the most to me.
Big thank you to the mods for running this excellent GB and everyone who entered this, great stuff in such a short time, it's impressive and inspiring! :bow:



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