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Done and done.

DHC Chipmunk T100 JASDF,43812.msg771013.html#msg771013

I don't know if finished drawing count as finished build :-\

1/700 HMS Dorsetshire C-23 - Roya Navy Helicopter cruiser circa 1981,43750.0.html

P1000663 by Geoff Baker, on Flickr
P1000662 by Geoff Baker, on Flickr
P1000666 by Geoff Baker, on Flickr

German BF 109 G6 Trop, on loan to Japan, captured by the United Kingdom's 14th Army and turned over to the RAF 3rd TAF.,43756.0.html

HAd a lot of fun1!!   ;D ;D

Liberty Ship- CONVAIR POGO training platform

Sandiego89, 1/700 scale

Even with the revised flight controls, the unique landing configuration of the production version of the POGO proved challenging. A cheap and reliable training ship was desired before sending pilots to the fleet.  A Liberty ship was pulled from the ghost fleet in Orange, Texas and was sent to the yards for the fitting of a flight deck aft, and a small landing platform forward.   

Build Thread:,43808.15.html


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